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This is a community for all comic artists or others just interested in it. The whole point of it is for people to share views through comics, to share views ABOUT comics, and just to plain make people laugh.

I, the mod, will post a comic at least once a week. I'll have a few running series, probably. Others may post comics also, because the whole point of this community is to share our work. I would prefer no text only posts, please.

Make your comics about anything, it doesn't matter, as long as we keep this thing active.

And respect mah auth-or-it-ay.

If you use a banner and post it somewhere just put a link somewhere in the post to this community because Sabrina is lazy and doesn't feel like looking for the codes to make the actual banner a link. Maybe when she's not so tired from Pimpin dem hos she will.

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To use "Smokey the Bear" take out the stars:
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To use "Come out" take out the stars:
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